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greta-exact-workgroup - Newsletter of the GReTA ExACT workgroup

Subject: Newsletter of the GReTA ExACT workgroup

Description: In the context of the GReTA - "Graph TRansformation Theory and Applications" online seminar series hosted at IRIF (, this mailing list provides information and updates about the GReTA ExACT (Executable Applied Category Theory) online workgroup. The aim of this workgroup consists in providing an interdisciplinary forum for exploring the diverse aspects of applied category theory relevant in graph transformation systems and their generalizations, in developing a methodology for formalizing diagrammatic proofs as relevant in rewriting theories via proof assistants such as Coq, and in establishing a community-driven wiki system and repository for mathematical knowledge in our research field (akin to a domain-specific Coq-enabled variant of the nLab). A further research question will consist in exploring the possibility for deriving reference prototype implementations of concrete rewriting systems (e.g., over multi- or simple directed graphs) directly from the category-theoretical semantics, in the spirit of the translation-based approaches (utilizing theorem provers such as Microsoft Z3).

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